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If you have been arrested or charged with DUI in Sarasota or Bradenton the experienced Sarasota DUI attorneys at Viacava & Cantor are here and ready to help. The DUI attorneys at Viacava & Cantor have the DUI defense experience that can only be gained by the successful resolution of thousands of DUI cases. While a DUI arrest happens suddenly it’s ramifications are long lasting. Make the right decision following your arrest for DUI in Sarasota or Bradenton and call an experienced DUI attorney from Viacava & Cantor for a free consultation at 941-388-7810.

What to do following your DUI arrest

There are two immediate issues to address following your arrest for DUI in Sarasota or Bradenton. The most important issue is the criminal case that springs from your arrest for DUI. Secondary to the criminal case, however, is the civil driver’s license suspension that happens at the scene of a DUI arrest in Sarasota or Bradenton. At the time of your arrest the officer likely confiscated your driver’s license (regardless of whether it is a Florida driver’s license or an out of state driver’s license) and gave you a DUI citation that acts as a temporary driver’s license for 10 days.

Therefore, a DUI arrest not only creates a criminal case for which you need to hire the best possible criminal defense attorney but it also creates a civil driver’s license suspension case that needs to be addressed immediately. The reason you can’t wait to address the driver’s license suspension is that there is a short window you have to either challenge the driver’s license suspension or waive your challenge to the driver’s license suspension. The civil driver’s license suspension process following a DUI arrest is an additional stressful event that gets coupled with the already extremely stressful DUI arrest.

When you hire a Sarasota DUI attorney from Viacava & Cantor we will immediately begin fighting for you both on the criminal DUI charge and additionally on the civil driver’s license suspension. With a lawyer from Viacava & Cantor fighting your criminal charge and doing everything possible to protect your driving privileges you can focus on work and family secure in the knowledge that your case is in the best possible hands.

Consequences of your DUI arrest

The consequences of a DUI arrest are far reaching and can impact your life dramatically. That is why you need to protect yourself immediately when you are arrested for DUI. The Sarasota and Bradenton DUI lawyers at Viacava & Cantor are here for a free consultation right now by calling 941-388-7810.

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All DUI Charges

  • First DUI
  • Second DUI Withing Five Years
  • Second DUI Outside Five Years
  • Third DUI Within Ten Years
  • Third DUI Outside Ten Years
  • Fourth DUI Within Ten Years
  • Fourth DUI Outside Ten Years
  • Drug DUI
  • DUI Manslaughter

DUI And Driver’s License

  • DUI and your Drivers License
  • Multiple DUIs and your Drivers License
  • Bureau of Administrative Review Hearing
  • Commercial Drivers License DUI
  • Driver’s license reinstatement
  • Ignition Interlock Device

DUI And Breathalyzer

  • DUI Checkpoints
  • Field Sobriety Examinations
  • Implied Consent
  • Blood Test
  • Breath Test
  • DUI Above .15
  • DUI Forensics / Lab Testing

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