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DUI Defense

The attorneys at the Law Firm of Viacava & Cantor have devoted their professional lives to understanding how to most effectively defend people arrested for DUI in Sarasota and Bradenton.

DUI and your Florida Driver’s License

Following an arrest for DUI in Sarasota or Bradenton your going to face an immediate attempt to revoke or suspend your diving privileges in Florida. When you hire a lawyer from Viacava & Cantor we will fight to help you keep your driver’s license following your DUI arrest. After you are arrested for a DUI there is a short window of time through which your lawyer can challenge the suspension of your driver’s license. The initial driver’s license suspension following a DUI comes from the DMV while a secondary attempt to suspend your driver’s license will come from the criminal court system. Your DUI lawyer from Viacava & Cantor will utilize any and all avenues to challenge the driver’s license suspension and fight to keep your license for you.

The Right DUI Attorney

Choosing the right DUI attorney is the most important decision you will make following your DUI arrest. The Sarasota DUI attorneys at the Law Firm of Viacava & Cantor have successfully resolved thousands of DUI cases and we will utilize that experience in order to provide you with the best possible result on your case. DUI is without a doubt the most common crime for people who otherwise would never be within the criminal justice system to be charged with. Good law abiding people are arrested for DUI everyday and following your DUI arrest you need to hire the best possible lawyer in order to attempt to get the best possible result. To discuss the specific facts of your DUI case right now call an experienced Sarasota DUI lawyer at 941-388-7810 for a free consultation.


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